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2007 Energy Bill - Are They Phasing Out or Making Incandescent Bulbs Illegal?


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Exemptions: Where You Can Still Use Existing Incandescent Bulbs

Exempt Incandescent Light Bulbs
One major point of consumer confusion is the misconception that all existing incandescent bulbs will go away in 2012.

CFL's do not have the versatility of incandescents and as a result, there are many types of incandescent bulbs exempt from the law. CFL’s are limited in their range of applications. They have bulky shapes, require dry, non-enclosed fixtures, can burn out in months instead of the years advertised, are of large size and are unable to withstand vibration or impact and take up to 3 minutes to reach operating brightness.

The following incandescent bulbs are exempt from the phased law requiring 30% increase in "general service incandescent lamp" efficiency by 2012:

(ii) EXCLUSIONS- The term `general service incandescent lamp' does not include the following incandescent lamps:

  1. (I) Appliance lamp (e.g. refrigerator or oven light)
  2. (II) Black light lamp.
  3. (III) Bug lamp.
  4. (IV) Colored lamp.
  5. (V) Infrared lamp.
  6. (VI) Left-hand thread lamp.
  7. (VII) Marine lamp.
  8. (VIII) Marine signal service lamp.
  9. (IX) Mine service lamp.
  10. (X) Plant light lamp.
  11. (XI) Reflector lamp.
  12. (XII) Rough service lamp.
  13. (XIII) Shatter-resistant lamp (including a shatter-proof lamp and a shatter-protected lamp).
  14. (XIV) Sign service lamp.
  15. (XV) Silver bowl lamp.
  16. (XVI) Showcase lamp.
  17. (XVII) 3-way incandescent lamp.
  18. (XVIII) Traffic signal lamp.
  19. (XIX) Vibration service lamp.
  20. (XX) Globe shaped “G” lamp (as defined in ANSI C78.20-2003 and C79.1-2002 with a diameter of 5 inches or more.
  21. (XXI) T shape lamp (as defined in ANSI C78.20-2003 and C79.1-2002) and that uses not more than 40 watts or has a length of more than 10 inches.
  22. (XXII) A B, BA, CA, F, G16-1/2, G-25, G30, S, or M-14 lamp (as defined in ANSI C79.1-2002 and ANSI C78.20-2003) of 40 watts or less.
  23. (XXIII) Candelabra incandescent and other lights not having a medium Edison screw base.

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