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Introduction to the Electronic Circuit Breaker Finder
circuit breaker finder

Electronic circuit breaker finder

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Circuit breakers are very convenient safety devices used to protect an over-current situation in your electrical system. But have you ever tried to find out which circuit breaker went to what outlet or light fixture?

Usually finding a tripped circuit breaker is easy since it is in the "off" position, but when you are doing home repair work and just want to turn off a circuit feeding an electrical outlet or light fixture, finding the appropriate circuit breaker to turn off is usually a 2 person job involving you and an assistant at the outlet, and goes something like this "Hey Stella! Is the plug off now?!"

Well I want to expose you to a great little device called a Circuit Breaker Finder that easily locates a circuit in an electrical power panel and makes this all a one person job. These devices work for either circuit breakers or fuses! Let's take a look.

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