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Electrical Boxes 101 - Lighting, Ceiling Fan, Junction Boxes


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Introduction to Ceiling and Wall Electrical Boxes
Electrical Boxes 101 - Lighting, Ceiling Fan, Junction Boxes

Lighting, Ceiling Fan and Junction Boxes

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Electrical boxes are a critically important component of your home's electrical system. However the variety of boxes can seem confusing when you're planning your project. So this tutorial will describe the different types of electrical boxes you find in the ceiling and wall for lighting, ceiling fans and junction boxes.

There are varieties for plastic and metal boxes, new work and old work boxes, round, square and octagonal boxes. And they come in depths ranging from 1/2" to over 3" deep. Then there are boxes with no backs that serve as depth extenders and covers with cutouts for various uses!

Well, after reading this tutorial you will understand why there are different box types and in what applications they may be used.

Electrical wall and ceiling boxes can be used in many ways, such as:

  • Join or splice wires together in circuits
  • Mount and house connections for a lamp fixture to a wall or ceiling
  • Mount and house connections for a ceiling fan (when rated for this use and appropriately braced or mounted)
  • Mount recessed in a wall or ceiling or surface mounted
  • Wired using non-metallic electrical cable or metallic conduit and wire applications.
Let's take a look now at the various types of electrical boxes and their features and uses.

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