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Your Home Fuse Box and How Fuses Work


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The Fuse Box
Fuse Box and Sockets

Fuse Box and Sockets

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The fuse box is the equivalent of the circuit breaker's electrical service panel in that it is a metal box with a hinged cover that houses and controls the incoming electrical service and distribution to branch circuits within the house. It provides overcurrent protection through the use of fuses.

The fuse box will have threaded sockets into which the fuses will be screwed. These large threaded sockets look like light bulb sockets and are called Edison sockets. They are named after Thomas Edison who, like everything else we take for granted, invented them.

The types of fuses that go into these sockets however are several. There are fuses that have Edison bases, and fuses that have a socket adapter that screws into the Edison base, but the fuse itself screws into the adapter base. These are called "S" fuses and are also called "tamper-proof" fuses with Rejection bases.

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