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Your Home Fuse Box and How Fuses Work


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Types of Fuses: Minibreaker (converts a fuse to a circuit breaker)
Minibreaker Circuit Breaker Fuse

Minibreaker Circuit Breaker Fuse

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Minibreakers are retrofit circuit breaker fuses that screw into Edison base fuse sockets. These little guys are great as they convert what was a fuse into a push-button circuit breaker. These minibreakers have a little push button that pops out when the circuit is overloaded. All you need to do is push the button back in to reset the circuit breaker fuse.

These minibreakers are also designed for time delay so they do not trip unnecessarily when motors or appliances start up. Cooper-Bussmann is a manufacturer that makes these minibreakers (Part No. BP/MB-15 or BP/MB-20).

Rating: 120 volts; up to 20 Amps

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