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Poke Through Electrical Floor Outlet


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Installation of the Poke Through Electrical Floor Outlet
Installed Carlon Floor Box E971FBDI

Installed Carlon Floor Box E971FBDI

© Carlon

Carlon has made this easy with the kit they provide. Detailed installation instructions can be found on their website but basically boils down to these steps:
  • If you have carpeting, you need to cut a 2-3/8" hole to access the wood sub-floor
  • If you have a wood floor, just proceed to the next step
  • Drill hole in floor using the hole saw provided
  • Pull the electrical romex wire (for 120 volt outlet installation) or the phone line or Cat5e cable (for phone or data installation) through floor opening
  • Connect the power wires to the receptacle (white to white / black to black) or the phone / data wires to the appropriate jacks
  • Close bottom of tube and secure wire clamp
  • Insert box through hole in floor
  • Fasten cover plate to floor

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