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Types of Electrical Switches in the Home


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Introduction: Types of Switches
Types of Electrical Switches in the Home

Various Types of Switches May Be Found in the Home

Introduction: Types of Switches
The switch is one of the most basic yet important electrical devise in the home. Although they almost all look the same once the face plate is on, they can function very differently. Their are a few key types of switches you need need to know about and I'll describe them in this tutorial.

Switches can come in a toggle style (like those shown in this tutorial), but can also come in a more design oriented "rocker" or "paddle" style such as those made popular by the Leviton "Decora".
Compare PricesLeviton Decora Paddle Switch

The style makes no difference to the function of the switch. But what does matter significantly is the switch type.

Switches come in four major types:

  • Single Pole
  • Double Pole
  • Three Way
  • Four Way

    Let's take a look at each type, what makes them different and when you would use them.

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