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Gutter Cleaning Leaf Removal Tools


Gutter Cleaning Leaf Removal Tools

Gutter cleaning tools can be fashioned from bottles, milk jugs or by purchasing plastics scoops such as this tool shown here.

Gutter cleaning is an important home maintenance task and is essential to the prevention of exterior paint problems and ice dams.

In the tutorial Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts I walk you through ways of cleaning your guttering system. But getting those messy leaves out of the gutter is always the challenge. Here are some tools and tips on what can be used to remove the wet, messy leaves:

Old Kitchen Spatula
Yep, an old plastic kitchen spatula makes a great leaf scoop. You can cut it with heavy duty scissors or tin snips as necessary to fit the contour of your gutter profile at the bottom of the gutter to ensure a full scraping action.

Plastic Gutter Scoop
Plastic gutter scoops are commonly used as they have a thin profile width to fit in the gutter. They work fairly well to get most of the leaves out of the gutter.

Compare Prices Plastic Gutter Scoop

Plastic Milk Jug
OK, for you home brew home repair weekend warriors, here is another home made solution. You can make this leaf scoop out of a small plastic quart size milk jug. First, try to remove all or most of any paper labeling from the jug. Turn the jug upside down. Take a marker and put a dot on the corner OPPOSITE the corner with the handle. Make a dot at each of the side corners. Connect the three dots in a "V" shape line on the bottom of the jug. On the top corner that has the handle, measure up the side about 5-6 inches and put a dot there. Now connect the dots from the upper most dot on the handle corner, down at an angle to each of the 2 side corners. Cut the plastic containers the bottom is cut out and you have a converging angled slit up the sides until the slit meets at the 5-6" mark up from the bottom on the handle side. You can also try this with a 20 ounce pop bottle just by cutting the bottom off at a slight angle.

Gutter Cleaning Specialty Tools
For the more gizmo oriented of you, there are several products available that use shop-vacs, hoses, special wands, etc. Click the Compare Prices link to see some options that may work for you.

Compare Prices Gutter Cleaning Specialty Tools

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