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How to Paint Vinyl Siding


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Issues with How to Paint Vinyl Siding and Trim
How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Some vinyl siding colors are not found in nature and should just be put down.

Vinyl siding was sold under the advantage that it is maintenance free. Problem is, sometimes it just "uglies out." And one thing we all know is true is that some vinyl siding comes in colors not found in nature. The lavender pinkish blue cottage in the woods just seems out of place. That's why StyleCrest® provides a Mossy Oak® camouflage look to vinyl siding.

But what if your vinyl siding problem is not in the woods, but right in your suburban neighborhood? What if the baby blue siding is just getting old? Well, your siding can be painted with some specific limitations. Vinyl siding and trim can be painted but you must consider the following:

  • Cleaning technique used on the vinyl siding to prepare the surface for paint
  • Thermal expansion of the vinyl
  • Paint color in relation to the original siding color
  • Type of paint to be used on the vinyl siding.
I'll explain all this on the next page.

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