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How to Repair an Aluminum Frame Screen Door


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How to Repair an Aluminum Frame Screen Door
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Repairing a screen door is a common repair and easy to do if you follow some simple tips.

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Screen doors take a beating as they open and close. Add children or pets to the mix and you end up with a sure-fire recipe for screen repair. Just like my pup in the photo, an over-exuberant exit by your dog from a screen door can result in a screen tear that will need to be fixed. However, repairing a screen door and getting professional looking results are not difficult if you follow the steps I lay out for you in this tutorial.

Aluminum frame storm doors have removable glass inserts for winter and removable screens for spring, summer and fall. If you have an aluminum storm door then you have a removable screen insert and you don't have to remove the door, just remove the screen insert when repairing the screen. For this tutorial, I'll explain how to repair an aluminum screen door where the screen is integral to the door.

Screens can be made either of aluminum or fiberglass and are held in place by friction using a simple flexible gasket called a retainer spline. The plastic retainer spline is installed using, you guessed it, a spline (or screen) installation tool!

So let's take a look on how to replace a screen in an aluminum screen storm door.

NOTE: This same technique can be used on a wooden screen door using retainer spline to fasten the screen to the wood frame. For information on how to repair a wooden screen door that uses staples to fasten the screen instead of retainer spline, see Screen Repair - Wood Frame.

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