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How to Replace a Damaged Brick


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Remove the Damaged Brick

To remove one or more damaged bricks proceed with the following steps:
  • Put on eye protection and leather gloves.
  • Using a cold chisel and heavy hammer break apart the damaged brick piece by piece. If you are removing several bricks, then start at the top and work down.

    NOTE: As an alternative, you may also use a power drill and masonry cutting wheel to score the old bricks before cutting them out with a chisel. If you have these tools handy it makes the work a little shorter but using a drill and cutting wheel is not required.

  • Be very careful not to damage surrounding bricks.
  • Once the brick pieces are removed, chisel out any old mortar, making the voids as clean as possible.
  • Clean the joints of any loose mortar with a wire brush and vacuum the opening clean of any dirt or dust.
  • Rinse the cleaned area with water including all 4 sides of the opening.

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