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Cement Fiber Siding

Cement Fiber Siding
Cement fiber siding is the latest development in residential siding. I love this product and used it in our new home in northern Michigan. It's durable, very low maintenance, made from recyclable materials so it's "Green" and it's beautiful to boot.

Some of the major manufacturers of this product include:

  • CertainTeed
  • JamesHardie
  • Cemplank


    • Cement fiber siding comes the closest to emulating a natural wood grain and is virtually indistinguishable from some wood siding products.
    • Like wood, trim and millwork pieces are also available to provide design detail for the home.
    • Comes in beveled siding, shingle/shake and stucco panel styles.
    • Extremely durable.
    • Installs like wood siding.
    • Cuts like wood siding.
    • Comes primed or pre-finished.
    • Not subject to rot or insect damage.
    • Moderate to high.
    • Virtually maintenance free.
    • Warranty of 50 years is common from the major manufacturers (Cemplank only 25 years).
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