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Repairing Damaged Vinyl Siding


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Introduction to Repairing Vinyl Siding
Repairing Damaged Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is Prone to Impact Damage

Introduction to Vinyl Siding Repair
Vinyl siding is the most fragile of all siding materials and besides melting when exposed to extreme heat, it will become brittle in cold weather. When cold, vinyl is especially prone to impact damage such as cracking or breaking apart. Repairing small sections of vinyl siding can be an expensive proposition if you have a repair technician come out for a house call. A contractor can charge $300 or more for the vinyl siding repair.

But don't worry. You're going to learn how to make the vinyl siding repair for a small fraction of that price. And if you have a spare section of siding still available and don't have to buy it, this repair will cost you less than $10.

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