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Adjusting the Thermostat Heat Anticipator - Reader Tip

I got an email from a reader who is an HVAC service Technician suggesting the following approach. It's a bit more technical but for those of you who are so inclined and have the skills, give this a try. (I have such great readers! Thanks Jeff!)

Bob, I believe the proper way to adjust a heat anticipator is to first, after proper installation of the thermostat, put t-stat into heat and take the (W) Wire coming from the heat terminal on the terminal strip of the heater, coil it up 2 or 3 times and put your clamp on amp probe meter around coiled wire, measure current. Then divide measured current draw into however many coils you put through the meter and whatever that number is the adjustment you need to make on the heat anticipator. After doing like this for 12 years I have never had to re-adjust another one. Just my thought maybe you can share it.

Jeff K.
Service Technician

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