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Dryer Vent Cleaning - Dryer Repair


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Insert and Rotate Dryer Duct Brush into Ducting
dryer duct brush

Use duct brush to clean dryer duct of lint. Use manually or attach end of cleaning rod to a power drill.

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Insert and Rotate Dryer Duct Brush into Ducting
Next we get a little dirty, but it's worth it. You're going to be greatly reducing the #1 risk of fire in your home (dryer fire) by doing this.
  • Fasten the duct brush end to the flexible fiberglass shaft;
  • Fasten as many threaded shaft sections together as needed. 2 sections come with the LintEater® Jr. 4-Piece Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit used in this tutorial;
  • The other end of the brush can either be used to turn the brush manually, by hand, or it can be fastened into a variable speed drill as shown in the upper left hand inset photo.
  • Insert the duct cleaning brush into the dirty lint lined duct and sweep it clean by using a rotating motion while pushing the brush back and forth;
  • Go slowly and if you use a drill, make sure to use a slower speed. Once most of the lint debris is removed you can go faster to really clean the duct out.
You can see the process of the duct cleaning before, during and after, on the next page.

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