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Dryer Vent Cleaning - Dryer Repair


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Amount of Lint Removed in One Cleaning
Lint Removed From Dryer Duct

Lint Removed From Dryer Duct

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Amount of Lint Removed in One Cleaning
It is amazing how much dangerous lint will be removed from your dryer ducting when the cleaning is complete. The above photo shows the incredible amount of lint removed from just 8-10 feet of duct and two elbows.

Prior to this cleaning, the dryer always had its lint screen cleaned after every few loads and the dryer was working "fine" it just seemed to take a little long to dry clothes.

This is why dryer fires are so dangerous, the lint builds up over time and you get used to the progressively inefficient drying performance of your dryer. All the while, lint is dangerously building up.

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