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Types of Home Electric Heaters


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Types of Home Electric Heaters

Infrared Radiant Electric Heater

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Introduction to Home Electric Heaters
Electric heaters work through resistance. That is, electrical line voltage flows through a heating element and as electrical resistance is encountered at the heating element the element heats up.

Electric wall heaters will require a dedicated electrical circuit of 120 volts or 240 volts, depending on the unit size and the size of the room to be heated. (Click here for a tutorial on installing a 240 volt circuit).

Electric heaters work by convection or radiant heat. Convection heat uses the natural law that hot air rises and relies upon natural convection to move the heat around the room. Radiant heat or infrared is different in that it heats objects not the air.

Why is this important? Well it can determine where certain types of heaters may be located.

A convection heater will need to be located near the floor level as it has to heat cold air at the floor. A radiant heater can be located at the floor or ceiling level since it is heating objects like room occupants or the floor or tub and so on.

    Electric heaters can come in a few styles. There are
  • wall heaters,
  • baseboard heaters,
  • toe-kick heaters and
  • cove or panel heaters.

Let's take a quick review of each style.

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