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Types of Home Electric Heaters


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Electric Baseboard Heaters
Types of Home Electric Heaters

Electric Convection Baseboard Heater

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Electric Baseboard Heaters
Electric baseboard heaters look like hydronic (hot water) baseboard heaters but use electric heating coils for non motorized convection heating. Baseboard heaters neither have room for nor are they proportioned for effective motorized cooling, so they let old mother nature take care of moving the hot air.

By using convection, cool air is drawn into the bottom slots and warmed by the heating coils and fins. Then warm air exits from the top slots of the unit. These units are usually placed beneath windows to counter heat loss through the glass.

A remote line voltage thermostat may be used to control the baseboard heater or it may come with an integrated thermostat control. It is important to keep the unit clear of drapes and unobstructed by furniture for best performance.

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