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IP Thermostat - Remote Control for Your Home Furnace Thermostat


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The IP Thermostat - Remote Furnace Control From the Internet or Your iPhone
IP Thermostat - Remote Control for Your Home Furnace Thermostat

Proliphix_NT10e IP Thermostat


The IP Thermostat
A newer development in home furnace thermostat technology which included:
  • Mercury Contact (older style)
  • Mechanical Contact
  • Digital
  • Electronic Programmable
is the newest technology:
  • IP Thermostat.
The IP Thermostat is short for Internet Protocol Thermostat which means it is a thermostat that can be controlled from the internet via a secure website control panel or in some cases, such as this Energy Star compliant IP Thermostat made by Proliphix™, the thermostat can even be controlled from an iPhone™. Now that's cool!

It used to be that a remote controlled thermostat accessed from the internet could only be done as part of an expensive home automation system. But with these newer IP thermostats you get the benefit of remote access and control at a fraction of a home automation price.

Let's walk through this representative product from Proliphix and see how it works.

Compare Prices Proliphix IP Thermostat
Proliphix Installation Guide

Manufacturer: Proliphix
Manufacturer Product No.: NT10e
Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/2"
Operating Temperature: 14° F to 104° F
Modes: Heat, cool, auto changeover, off
Fan Control: Manual, automatic
Approvals: FCC, CSA, Energy Star Compliant

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