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IP Thermostat - Remote Control for Your Home Furnace Thermostat


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The IP Thermostat
IP Thermostat - Remote Control for Your Home Furnace Thermostat

Proliphix_NT10e IP Thermostat, 6-Port Power Adapter


IP Thermostat Overview
The IP thermostat looks like any other electronic thermostat and has a back lit graphic LCD control screen. It provides single-stage heat and cool controls and integrates into your existing heating system. The thermostat installs on your Local Area Network (LAN) and is controlled by a web browser on your networked computer. For remote access and control outside your network, Proliphix provides you a free Remote Management account to control your IP Thermostat. There you can adjust settings for energy savings or comfort as you desire.

You can also obtain email alarm notifications of low temperatures, danger of freezing pipes, and other critical alerts in real time so that you may respond quickly to avert major damage to your home when high or low temperature alarms are triggered. This is especially useful for a vacation home or other residence when you are away for a prolonged period of time. Frozen or burst water pipes in unoccupied homes are a huge risk and you now have the ability to prevent this disaster.

I like the IP Thermostat since it is compatible with most HVAC systems such as:

  • gas furnace,
  • gas or oil fired boiler / hydronic (hot water) heating,
  • electric heat pump system with auxiliary heat,
  • central air conditioning.
To use the IP thermostat you need a few other components besides the thermostat itself. You’ll need an IP thermostat Power Adapter to receive power over the Ethernet cable (Cat 5 or Cat6). You may power up to two thermostats from one power supply. If you wanted more than one IP thermostat you can buy a kit from Proliphix that contains a six-port power adapter for controlling up to six thermostats.

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