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Window Air Conditioner Maintenance


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Early Season Maintenance

Waking the window mounted air conditioner up from a winter slumber involves just a few steps:
  • Remove the outdoor air conditioner cover from the outside of the air conditioner.
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  • To thoroughly check out the unit, unplug it from the wall, remove the front access cover and remove the air conditioning unit from its mounting frame.
  • Take the unit outside and vacuum out the condenser coils with a soft brush attachment. You can also hose off the coils from the inside out taking care not to get the electronics and motor wet.
  • Check the condenser coil for bent cooling fins. To straighten the bent fins use a coil fin comb. Match the teeth count of the comb to the "fins per inch" of the coil. Then carefully draw the comb across the bent coil fins straightening them out in the process.
  • Check the foam air filter for damage. If it is ripped or damaged, replace it. If it is dirty, wash the filter with dish soap and water, let dry and replace.
  • Replace the unit back into its frame. Reinstall the front cover and plug the unit back in the wall.
  • You are now ready to "chill."

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