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Tighten a Loose Lever Doorknob (with hidden or no screws)


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Tighten a Loose Lever Doorknob (with hidden or no screws)

A loose doorknob having hidden screws uses a special mechanism called a detent to attach the door handle to the spindle and can be easily removed and tightened.

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Loose doorknobs are a common problem on frequently used doors around the home. Sometimes the doorknob spins on its spindle, other times the door knob pulls away from the door as in the photo above. How you fix the problem depends on the design of your doorknob or lever door handle and how it is fastened to the spindle and the door.

Exposed Set-Screw Doorknob
The oldest and most common method to attach the doorknob uses exposed set-screws to fastened the doorknob to a threaded spindle. You'll typically find this type of doorknob on older homes and more inexpensive models of newer door hardware. Tightening a loose exposed set-screw doorknob is easy. It's also obvious to see how the knob is fastened to the threaded spindle and how the whole assembly fastens to the door.

Hidden Screw Doorknob
The newest fastening method uses a screwless method of fastening the doorknob to the spindle and hidden screws to attach the assembly to the door. Screwless doorknobs use a device called a detent to attach the knob to an unthreaded spindle. The assembly is fastened to the door by way of screws hidden under a cosmetic face plate. This type of door knob can be puzzling since getting to the screws holding the door knob / latch assembly to the door is not intuitive.

The subject of this tutorial is how to tighten a hidden screw doorknob, in particular, how to remove the doorknob or door handle from the detent which I'll discuss in the next sections.

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