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Ceramic Wall Paint - Low VOC and Improved Durability


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Ceramic Wall Paint Introduction
ceramic paint

Ceramic Paint

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No this paint is not paint you use on ceramics, it is a ceramic based paint used in the home. Ceramic Paint is a newer alternative paint product that provides both Low VOC, high durability and in the case of this product, Ceramic Coat by O'Leary Paint, it also comes with antimicrobial protection. The results are a paint that is healthy, able to withstand scrubbing without loss of its rich flat finish, and also prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from growing.

Now where would you want a paint like this? Well, I just used it extensively throughout a new home I just built and in almost every room. But if you're not painting your entire home, then a perfect place to use a ceramic based paint like this would be in the nursery, bathroom, kitchen or dining room.

Let's take a look at what makes this ceramic paint different and why you'll want to use it on your next significant interior painting project or room renovation.

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