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Garbage Disposal Installation


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Install Garbage Disposal Sink Flange and Mounting Ring
Garbage Disposal Mounting Assembly

Garbage Disposal Mounting Assembly

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To install the garbage disposal you need to install the assembly that will hold it in place. That consists of a flange and mounting ring that fastens like a sort of sandwich on either side of the sink opening.
  • First, seal the sink opening with a bead of plumber's putty around the opening about 1/2" in thickness.
  • Place the new disposal sink flange into the sink opening and press it into the plumber's putty.
  • Have someone hold the sink flange in place as you now work from under the sink and take the fibrous gasket and triangular attachment ring and slide them onto the sink flange.
  • This is held in place with the sink flange via a round spring clip or snap ring. Clip the snap ring into the recess in the sink flange sleeve.

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