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Low VOC Interior Paint and Other Healthy Alternative Paints


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Green Seal Certified Paint Manufacturers

For reference, Green Seal has certified the following companies and products as having met at least the GS-11 Standard for Low VOC content. There are many others that also meet the standard but these are the ones that have had Green Seal certify their product and can display the Green Seal mark:
  • InPro Corporation

  • Master Paints and Chemical Corporation
    Eco Pure Interior/Exterior line

  • Miller Paint Co.
    Acro Pure Interior line

  • Randolph Products Company
    770W11 Exterior Primer

  • Rust-Oleum Corporation
    Sierra Performance line

  • YOLO Colorhouse
    Earth's Color Collection Interior line,
    Little Yolo Interior line
    Earth's Color Collection Exterior line

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