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Introduction to Paint

Paint. We see it everywhere and on everything. In the home, painting is one of the most frequent and popular home repairs made by home owners and renters. But what is this stuff? And when you go to buy it, on what do you base your decision? Is the $7/gallon paint as good as the $25/gallon paint? And what about latex paint and oil base paint? Or primer?

It can all be confusing and as a result many people just base the decision on price and get the cheapest paint they can buy. All to find out that they need to paint and re-coat and re-coat and re-coat again, just to get the cheap paint to cover.

Well, I'm going to explain some of the basics about paint, what it is, what types of paint there are and where you use them and what paint sheen has to do with selecting paint.

Now let's get rolling...(or brushing.)

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