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Selection, Care and Storage of a Paint Brush


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Selecting a Paint Brush (Quality Brushes)

Good quality paint brushes are all you should use for interior painting. The type of bristle and brush style will depend on what you are painting and the type of paint being used.

Quality Paint Brushes
A good quality paint brush will make your painting job easier and more professional looking. What makes the brush a bit more expensive is how the brush is made.

  • Brush Style:
    Brush styles typically include "Wall", "Trim" and "Sash-Trim" Wall brushes are usually flat bottomed and wide, about 3" to 6". Trim brushes are also flat bottomed but are thinner and narrower, usually 1" to 2". Sash-Trim brushes are cut on an angle and are usually 2" or less in width. For cutting-in or trim work the Sash-Trim brush is your best value and is most versatile.

  • Bristles:
    The bristles on a quality brush may be either natural animal hair (hog or ox) or synthetic (polyester, nylon) or a blend of the two. Use natural bristles only with oil based paint. Do not use with water based paint or the bristles will become ruined. You can also use synthetic bristles with oil based paint. The bristles in a quality brush will be of several lengths, taper near the end and have fuzzy looking tips (flagged) like a hair with split ends. This allows the brush tip to hold paint and results in a smooth paint job.

  • Ferrule:
    The ferrule is usually non-corrosive metal and will look tight and neat, securely holding the bristles to the brush handle.

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