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Repairing Textured Walls: Orange Peel


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Repair Orange Peel Textured Walls - Aerosol Spray Technique
aerosol spray wall texture

Spraytex Aerosol Spray Texture

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Another way to apply a spray texture is by using an aerosol spray such as the original Homax brand oil based spray texture, their new water based spray texture, or another brand to try is Spraytex drywall patch spray texture.

Pressure Spray Technique:
To create an orange peel spray textured wall effect do the following:

  • Put on eye protection
  • Repair wall, sand and remove dust
  • Place plastic drop cloth on floor below repair area and on any surrounding furniture
  • After can is shaken and warm, test spray pattern by spraying on a piece of cardboard or plywood. Homax uses different spray straws for different spray patterns and heaviness. Spraytex uses a spray dial.
  • Depending on the manufacturer and product used, hold the can between 12" to 24" from the wall surface.
  • Spray using a circular motion and texture only about 50%-75% of the repair area with texture.
  • Let dry and then paint.

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