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Smooth the Joint

Once the caulk is applied, the next step is to smooth the joint. Here's where the tape masking technique will make your job successful. Typically at this point, where tape masking is not used, the caulk would smear and spread onto both surfaces as you pressed the joint smooth with your finger. However, by using the tape masking technique in this tutorial, your caulk joint will be left with only a clean, sharp edge.
  • Wet your finger with either alcohol (for silicone caulk) or water (with latex caulk). Also dampen part of a rag with water or alcohol as appropriate.
  • The alcohol or water will serve as a lubricant and cutting agent as you smooth the joint.
  • Using firm pressure, smooth the caulk joint working from one end to the other.
  • As you finger becomes laden with excess caulk, wipe it off with the dampened rag and re-wet your finger.
  • Continue the smoothing process until the entire taped section you're working on is finished.

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