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METAL TOGGLE BOLT ANCHOR: Hollow Wall - Medium to Heavy Weight Object
Metal Toggle Bolt Anchor

Metal Toggle Bolt Anchor

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Metal Toggle Bolt Anchor
These are the tried and true anchors for medium to heavy objects. Also known as a "Molly", these anchors have some drawbacks. Specifically they require very large pilot holes and if you ever have to remove the bolt, the spring loaded anchor falls off behind the wall. Also, any attachment the bolt is to hold must be installed onto the bolt BEFORE the toggle bolt assembly is inserted into the wall.

To install these anchors do the following:

  • Drill a pilot hole in the wall sized as per instructions on the package (depends on toggle body size).
  • Slide any fixture attachment you need bolted to the wall onto the bolt first.
  • Thread the spring loaded metal wings onto the bolt slightly so that the wings face the bolt head.
  • Fold the metal wings together and insert into the hole. The spring loaded metal wings will now snap open.
  • Pull the bolt back toward you slightly so the expanded metal wings hit the back side of the wall.
  • While maintaining pull pressure on the bolt, tighten it fully. What a pain...

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