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Troubleshooting Wet Basement Problems


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PROBLEM: Seeping Water
Problem: Seeping Water

Possible Symptom:

  • Visible dampness on floor near wall or on wall near floor.
  • Trickle of water may be visible at a crack in the wall.
Possible Reason:
  • Water is being forced into the interior of the basement from the outside and may be most noticeable after a heavy rain.
  • May be caused by improper roof downspout discharge not draining away from house.
  • May be caused by improper slope or grading at house causing water to drain into basement wall.
  • May be caused by window well being clogged with debris and not allowing water to drain.
  • May be caused by high water table forcing water up between wall and floor connection.
Possible Solution:
  • Correct surface drainage problems causing water to drain against basement wall.
  • Minor wall dampness may be solved by an oil base masonry waterproofing paint such as UGL Drylok.
  • Serious seepage problems may require a physical interior deep-channel pressure relief system that collects the water and pumps it out through the wall.

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