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Curved shower rod installation


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How to Install a Curved Shower Rod
curved shower rod bracket

Installing the bracket is easy if you use some of the old mounting holes.

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Installation of a Curved Shower Rod
Installing a curved shower rod is easy if you follow my tutorial. You do not have to drill new holes back from your original shower rod. By doing that you complicate the installation and reduce the benefit of the curved shower rod. Moving the curved rod back 3 inches toward you will just crowd you more than before. In addition, by moving the rod back as some would suggest, you end up with old holes that now need to be patched, filled and painted. Both are bad results I want you to avoid.

My idea of home repair projects are ones that eliminate unnecessary steps and complexity. So with that in mind, let's get this curved shower rod up!

  • Remove old shower rod and brackets:
    Using a screwdriver, remove the 4 screws holding the old shower rod in place.
  • Locate new mounting holes:
    Using the bracket of your new curved shower rod as a template, hold the bracket up to the wall with the top hole of the bracket over the top or outer-most old mounting hole. Making sure it is level, mark the location of the bottom hole of the bracket on the wall.
  • Install plastic wall anchors:
    Install plastic wall anchors as described in Installing a Plastic Wall Anchor for each of the new bottom holes. Remove and replace any old, mangled plastic wall anchors from the old top holes with new plastic anchors if necessary.
    If your old shower curtain mounting bracket was installed with the holes oriented horizontally instead of vertically, you need to use the screw hole furthest from the tub as the top hole of the new bracket. If the other old hole is not covered by the new bracket. it will need to be patched and the wall touched up with paint.
  • Install Mounting Brackets:
    Once the plastic wall anchors are in place, fasten the new curved shower rod brackets to the wall using the new screws provided with your shower rod kit.
  • Install curved shower rod:
    Clip one end of the curved shower rod into the bracket as instructed by the manufacturer's instructions. This may vary by manufacturer but will generally use a spring loaded clip of some sort to spring into holes or will use screwed fasteners to attach the rod to the bracket. Extend the adjustable curved shower rod as needed until it is the correct length, then install the second end of the rod to the wall bracket on the other wall.
  • Install shower curtain and liner:
    Next, install your shower curtain and liner and you are all set!

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