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Water Supply: Copper (rigid and flexible)
copper pipe

Copper pipe comes in rigid and flexible varieties

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Water Supply: Copper (rigid and flexible)

Appearance: Dull copper colored metal pipe.

Description: Copper pipe comes in two flavors, rigid and flexible. It has proven itself over the decades to be corrosion resistant and very reliable. Copper is a soft metal and so can be easily cut and fabricated. It is also prone to damage, my develop pinholes over time and can rupture from frozen water in pipes.

Prevalent Use: Rigid copper pipes are used for longer runs of water supply and in some cases also used as waste lines in the home. Flexible copper is used in short runs for water supply.

Cutting and Fitting: Copper pipe is easily cut with a tubing cutter or hacksaw. Sections are joined together with soldered copper connectors or copper compression fittings. Flexible copper pipe may also be terminated by flaring its end and using brass flare fittings.

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