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Water Heater Tips for Saving Energy and Operating Costs


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Reduce Your Water Usage and Hot Water Demand
Water Heater Tips for Saving Energy and Operating Costs

Stop Drips and Stop Wasting Water

Reducing Your Hot Water Demand
The easiest way to reduce your hot water expense is to use less hot water. There are some pretty easy ways to do this without sacrificing the civilized convenience of hot water which is good as I'm not an advocate of cold showers. Sometimes a leaky faucet can waste water, other times an od shower head is the culprit. Let's take a quick look at some easy ways to reduce hot water usage in your home.

Leaking Water Heater
Let's start with the obvious. If your water heater is leaking it needs to be replaced. You're not going to fix it. This tutorial will show you how to replace a water heater.

Leaking Faucet
Leaky faucets can waste many gallons of water a month. How you repair them depends on the type you have. These tutorials will show you how to repair a cartridge type, a compression washer and a ball type faucet.

Low Flow Shower Heads
Pre-1992 showers heads can use a wasteful 6 to 10 gallons per minute (GPM). Current models provide a comfortable shower with only 2.2 GPM. Changing to a low flow shower head is a great and easy way to save hot water.

Use Energy Star® Dishwasher and Clothes Washer Appliances
Energy Star rated dishwashers and clothes washers are extremely efficient. It can reduce your clothes washing water consumption by 50% or about 7,000 gallons per year on average. I have both and love them.

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