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How to Replace a Toilet


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A Word About Closet Flanges
How to Replace a Toilet

A Word About Closet Flanges
Like so much in the world of home repair we deal with weird terms like "closet flange". Where else would you expect to find a closet flange? In your clothes closet? No, of course not. Try under your toilet.

So what are they? These devices are flanges that fit under your toilet or water closet, hence the name "closet flange". They are the connecting interface between the toilet and the floor structure. They have two square holes that allows square headed bolts to slide into. These bolts attach the toilet to the flange and the square heads prevent the bolts from turning when the bolts are tightened down. The flanges also have holes that allow long screws to fasten through them and into the floor structure.

Closet flanges come in several different types:

  • Replacement for cast iron sanitary line
  • Replacement for PVC (plastic) sanitary line
  • Repair kit for either type of sanitary line
  • New closet flange for either type of sanitary line
  • Offset flange
For purposes of this tutorial we will focus on using a repair kit as identified on the previous page, or using a replacement closet flange if the damage to your existing flange or surrounding floor looks too great after removing the toilet.

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