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How to Replace a Toilet


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Preparing and Test Fitting the Toilet
How to Replace a Toilet

Closet Flange with Bolts in Position

Preparing and Test Fitting the Toilet
The next step is to prepare the toilet for installation.
  • Once you have determined if the closet flange is fine or needs repair or replacement and have taken the necessary action, you can proceed to test fitting the toilet.
  • If you decide to replace the closet flange, make sure to remove the large plastic plug that may need to knocked out from the center of the flange.
  • Make sure that you have removed the wax ring and plumbers putty from the toilet (if existing).
  • Once the closet flange is ready to accept the toilet, test fit the bowl by temporarily setting it on the flange and testing for bolt alignment with the toilet bolt holes and for levelness. If it needs to be leveled, level the flange by shimming with stainless steel or plastic washers.
  • Once leveled, remove the toilet and gently set it upside down (if separated from the tank) or on its side or back (if the tank is attached) and set it on a protected surface such as an old rug.

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