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Bathroom Vanity and Sink Types - Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets


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Introduction to Bathroom Vanities and Sinks
Bathroom Vanity and Sink Types - Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

Pedestal Sink

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There are seemingly endless choices available for bathroom sinks, vanities and cabinets. You can spend $50 for an inexpensive wall hung sink or upward of $5,000 for a furniture quality cabinet vanity. Some types of sinks are self contained, others must be installed in or on a countertop, and some sinks are mounted in a piece of cabinetry. There is no one best style of bathroom vanity, and many options exist because of the wide variety of situations presented by bathroom designs.
    In this tutorial "Bathroom Vanity and Sink Types" we'll review the most common types of bathroom vanities and sinks available including the following:
  • wall mounted sink,
  • pedestal sink,
  • vessel sink and vanity,
  • framed sink
  • drop-in sink,
  • under-mount sink, and
  • cabinet style vanity
Let's take a look at various bathroom vanities and sink styles and see which sink / vanity combination makes sense for your next home repair project.

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