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Eye Protection is a Must


Eye Protection is a Must

Safety Glasses

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Eye protection is a requirement in any home repair project where you may be susceptible to chemical splash or flying debris. Modern eye protection is comfortable and can even be fashionable.

Basic economy safety eye wear can be purchased for $2-$5 and fashionable safety eye wear between $3-$10.

Click on the image on the right to access the pop-up window and step through photos of three types of eye protection from the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturer Crews (now part of MCR Safety).

All the examples shown in the images at right are less than $4:

  • Economy Goggles (Crews 2230R Vented Goggle)
    Economy Safety Goggles include indirect hooded venting sealed for splash protection from liquids. Goggles fit over prescription glasses.
  • Safety Glasses (Crews Tomahawk Clear AF Lens Black Frame Safety Glasses)
    Safety Glasses with polycarbonate lens / sideshields, adjustable ratchet-action temples, UV, anti-fog lens.
  • Stylized Safety Glasses (Crews Checklite Silver Mirror Lens Safety Glasses)
    Stylized Safety Glasses include spatula temples, polycarbonate lens, scratch-resistant / anti-fog / UV, close seal of eye orbit (projectile protection)
Safety Goggles should be used when there is a chance of chemical splash since they seal completely around the eyes.

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