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Hand Held Shower Head - How to Install a Hand Held Shower


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Install Hand Held Shower - Tub Spout Mounting
Tub Spout with Hand Held Shower Diverter

Tub Spout with Hand Held Shower Diverter

OK. So what do you do if you only have a tub spout and no shower head? Or want to keep your shower head as is but still want a hand shower? No problem.

You can replace your old tub spout with a new one having a hand shower diverter.

  • Remove old tub spout. See tutorial How to Remove a Tub Spout.
  • Replace with new tub spout having the same attachment method as the old (screw-on or slip-on). If screw-on type, take about 9-12 inches of Teflon tape and wrap it around the threads in a CLOCKWISE direction for several turns (4-5) before attaching the tub spout.
  • Fasten the flexible shower hose to the cross tub diverter again using Teflon tape.
  • If the hand held shower unit has a slide bar, mount to the wall following manufacturer's directions.

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