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Portable Compressed Air Tank Components
compressed air carry tank

The components of the portable compressed air tank provide all the features you need for easy and safe use. You'll typically find the following components on these tools:
  • Air Pressure Gauge
    The gauge will be front and center, easy to read, and will help make sure you achieve proper inflation pressures.
  • Air Shut Off Valve
    The air shut off valve stops air from leaking out of the tank when not in use.
  • Pressure Tank
    The pressure tank is what holds the compressed air and is always pressure tested for safety. You can have compressed air stored for months.
  • Flexible Hose and Universal Adapter
    Of course you need an air hose and connector and that is included. This is the business end of the tank and is used for inflating car tires, bike tires, basketballs, soccer and other sport balls, tubes, etc.

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All in all, this is a great portable tool and one of the best kept secrets around. Nothing beats the convenience of having compressed air when and where you want it!

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