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Introduction to Caulk Guns
Types of Caulk Guns

Ratchet and Smooth Rod Type Caulk Guns

Caulk guns used to be cheaply made and hard to use. The ratchet rod caulk gun was the gun of choice for the home repair person. Why? Because it was about your only choice in the hardware stores.

These caulk guns are ratchet driven with a serrated push rod that ratchets its way down the caulk tube. To stop the flow of caulk you have to turn the push rod upside down using the lever (disengaging the ratchet teeth) and pull the rod back in order to relieve the pressure.

Ratchet rod caulk guns are still available and may require a lot of hand pressure with only a 5:1 or less thrust ratio. The caulk never seems to stop flowing when you want it to stop and caulk flow is hard to control. Cutting open the caulk tube spout requires a knife or razor blade and reaching down into the tube spout and opening up the caulk tube seal is difficult unless you had a coat hanger handy.

Well the days of a ratchet rod monopoly are over.

You now have the smooth rod dripless caulk gun type readily available in most home improvement centers.

The smooth rod dripless caulk gun requires about half the effort to squeeze caulk from the tube with its 10:1 thrust ratio and has many convenience features. It's almost like having cup holders for your caulk gun!

Let's take a look at some of the features of this great tool.

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