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How to Make Duct Tape Spoof "Safety" Glasses


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How to Make Duct Tape Spoof

Stylish Duct Tape Spoof "Safety" Glasses on a Home Repair Type Guy

So there I was one evening working in the shop and started to daydream when I was "visited" by MacGyver.
"Angus" I said, (MacGyver always hated it when I called him by his first name), "you're always using dangerous chemicals and materials like tube socks, duct tape, gelatin bombs and the like, but I never see you wear eye protection! You know how important that is!"
MacGyver replied:
"About.com Guide to Home Repair, you're right but I never knew how to make a pair in the field."
Then it hit me. It could be done! (Well not real safety glasses but a spoof set anyway).

In this series of tutorials I'm going to show you in detail how to make a set of spoof "safety" glasses MacGyver style! You know how I'm always nagging you to wear your eye protection. Well here is a pair of spoof "safety" glasses you can make yourself and amaze your friends (just as long as you don't really use them as safety glasses).

All you're going to need is duct tape, a hanger, a beer bottle and two plastic furniture caster cups. (You could use tube socks too, but just as a carrying case...)

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