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How to Stain a Wood Deck


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Introduction to Wood Deck Staining
wood deck staining

Staining / sealing a wood deck is essential for its protection

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Introduction to Staining a Wood Deck

Wood decks require maintenance because of their constant exposure to the weather. What makes the beating they get even worse is that the deck is horizontally exposed to the weather so unlike your siding or even your roof, water, snow and solar ultraviolet light beat down directly on the deck's surface all year long, and water does not run off. It is no wonder that the deck surface must be maintained every 1 to 3 years depending on the situation and products used.

This tutorial will explain how to seal and stain a wood deck with a stain after it has been power washed / cleaned and sanded.

Note on the stain and brush:
I recommend use of a quality oil based penetrating exterior semi-transparent stain such as Sikkens used in this tutorial. As for a brush, make sure to use a high quality natural china bristle brush such as those made by Purdy and not a polyester brush, following the stain manufacturer's application instructions.

Compare Prices Natural China Bristle Brushes

Purdy also has a great website for consumers that helps you select the right brushes, roller covers or other painting applicators for the right application.

    Difficulty Level
  • Easy
    Needed Tools and Materials
  • High quality wood deck stain (preferably oil based)
  • Quality brush 2"-3"
  • Canvas drop cloth (5x8 or larger)
  • Paint pad and pole
  • Paint pad tray
  • Rubber gloves

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