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Deck Sanding


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What Grit of Sandpaper to Use
Deck Sanding

Sanding is essential to wood deck preparation

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Sanding the wood deck boards and handrail is essential for a proper refinishing job after a power washing. Sanding removes raised wood fibers from power washing and opens the pores of the wood to assist in the soaking of stain or sealer.

Unlike sanding furniture smoother is not always better when sanding an exterior deck surface. For sanding a deck floor board surface, use a sanding grit of about 60 to 80. For sanding a handrail, use a grit of 80 to 100. Do not use higher than 100 grit. Higher grits of sandpaper will smooth the wood too much begin to close down the pores and may reduce the absorption of the stain or sealer into the wood pores. Use medium pressure on the hand sander checking for evenness of appearance as you go.

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