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Home Repair: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Best Fixes for Garbage Disposal Problems
If the garbage disposal won't turn on but makes a humming sound when you flip the switch and it means you have a stuck flywheel. Page 2.
7 Common Gas Water Heater Problems and Fixes
Tutorial on how to easily troubleshoot and repair a tank type gas water heater including common problems and how to fix them.
Learn to Solve Common Toilet Problems
Describes how to fix common causes problems with toilets including toilet running, not flushing at all, clogged, etc.
Common Causes for Tripped Circuit Breakers
It is important to understand the possible reasons for a circuit breaker tripping (turning off). Fixing the cause of the electrical problem is essential before resetting the breaker a third time.
Repairing a Central Air Conditioning System
Tutorial describes how to troubleshoot and repair common central air conditioning system problems. Page 2.
How to Power Wash a Wood Deck
This tutorial reviews the steps and issues you need to know about safely cleaning your wood deck with a power washer without damaging the wood.
How to Clean and Refinish a Wood Deck
Wood decks provide increased outdoor living area but require periodic maintenance including refinishing. Refinishing a wood deck involves a few steps such as inspection, cleaning and wood brightening, power washing, sanding, staining and sealing. This detailed tutorial will walk you through all the major steps of refinishing your wood deck successfully and beautifully.
4 Ways to Remove Tough Rust Stains
Removing unsightly rust and other stains from porcelain in toilets and sinks can be difficult. This tutorial will guide you through several ways to make this repair.
Deck Sanding
This tutorial will describe how to sand a wood deck after power washing where wood grain may have been raised and in preparation of final staining and finishing. Page 2.
Troubleshooting a Gas Furnace - Furnace Repair
Identifies common problems, causes and fixes for various gas furnace problems
How to Thoroughly Clean a Dryer Vent for...
This tutorial explains the important dryer repair involving cleaning your dryer of dangerous lint build up, a major source of dryer fires. It photo documents the steps involved in cleaning your dryer of lint in the lint trap and in dryer ducts and hoses. Page 9.
Common Electric Water Heater Problems: How to...
How to troubleshoot and repair a tank type electric water heater.
Did the Pilot Light on Your Furnace Go Out?...
This easy to understand tutorial describes how to light a gas furnace standing pilot and tips for troubleshooting the pilot light and thermocouple. Page 2.
How to Use a Screw Extractor
Describes how screw extractor works and how to extract a broken screw
Learn the Ins and Outs of Your Gas Water Heater
Detailed description and graphic of the components making up a gas tank type hot water heater.
Electrical Switches 101: What Homeowners Need...
Tutorial describes the different types of switches found in the home including single-pole, double-pole, three-way and four-way switches. Page 3.
Tighten a Loose Lever Doorknob (with hidden or...
This tutorial shows you how to tighten a doorknob or lever door handle having hidden screws.
Install a New Water Heater in 10 Steps
Tutorial describing how to install a replacement gas or electric water heater.
Types of Home Air Conditioning Systems and How...
Tutorial review the most commonly used air conditioning and cooling systems in the home including window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, ductless or split system air conditioners and central air conditioning.
How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Furnace Thermostat
Tutorial on thermostat troubleshooting for mechanical thermostats such as Honeywell, White Rodgers, Lux
Types of House Siding - Home Siding Overview
Describes various siding house materials for the home including vinyl siding, aluminum siding, cement fiber siding, wood siding
How to Keep Your Electronic Ignition Furnace...
The gas electronic ignition furnace is the most common type of new furnace but requires a special understanding of its components for repair of hot surface ignition and intermittent pilot systems.
What You Should Know About the 6 Most Common...
Describes the most common types of home heating systems including forced air, hydronic hot water baseboard, radiant in floor heat, steam heat radiation and geothermal. Page 4.
Trip the Breaker? Reset it Quickly and Easily
How to reset a tripped circuit breaker is a common home repair that is easy when done right.
Bathroom and Kitchen Flooring
Describes the vinyl panel or plank resilient flooring system including the product known as TrafficMaster Allure™ as sold by Home Depot. Page 3.
How To Repair a Leaking Two Handle Cartridge...
This tutorial will show you how to repair a leaking two handle cartridge faucet with illustrating faucet repair photos.
Repair a Clogged Garbage Disposal - Disposer...
This tutorial gives you tips and describes how to avoid a clog and what to do if your garbage disposer or disposal unit has a clogged drain.
Quick Guide to a Faulty Gas Boiler
This tutorial describes and covers the troubleshooting and repair of gas fired boilers that heat water for hot water or hydronic home heating systems. These boilers can be fired with gas or oil, but the components are similar.
How to Repair a Broken Heating Element on an...
This tutorial describes how to troubleshoot and replace heating elements in an electric water heater. Page 2.
Homeowner's Guide to the Fuse Box
This tutorial describes various types of fuses used in the home
How to Replace Your Furnace Thermocouple or...
This tutorial describes how to easily replace a furnace thermocouple in an older style standing pilot furnace or an electronic flame sensor in a newer style electronic ignition furnace.
Safely Turning a Gas Valve On and Off - Shutoff
Describes how to turn a gas valve on and off such as when disconnecting or installing a gas dryer or gas stove.
Anatomy of an Electrical Service Panel
Power comes directly from the electrical company's power line, through the electrical meter on the outside
Troubleshooting a High Efficiency Condensing...
Tutorial describes how to troubleshoot a high efficiency direct vent condensing furnace. Page 6.
Easy Way to Shut Off the Main Water Supply
Most plumbing repairs require water to be turned off. Learn how to shutoff water at the main or locally at the plumbing fixture.
Installing a 240 Volt Circuit Breaker
This detailed tutorial will show you how to easily install a 240 volt circuit breaker. Complete with detailed photos.
Exterior House Painting Preparation
Good paint preparation always involves removing loose paint and preparing the surface by hand scraping and sanding. Page 4.
Electrical Boxes 101 - Lighting, Ceiling Fan,...
Tutorial describes the many types of wall and ceiling electrical boxes used for lighting, ceiling fan and junction box applications.
Repairing Damaged Vinyl Siding
Step by step tutorial on how to replace or patch a damaged section of vinyl siding
Anatomy of a Garbage Disposal
Construction of a Garbage Disposal
How to Stain a Wood Deck
This tutorial describes the technique of staining a wood deck with oil based stain.
Types of Faucets and How to Tell Them Apart
Faucets come in several types including compression, ball, cartridge and disc. Identifying what type you have is the first step in doing any repair. The type of faucet determines how it gets repaired and what tools or special kits are required.
Easy Ways to Locate a Wall Stud
Magnetic Stud Finder: Ahh. The way of our forefathers in home repair is by using a magnetic stud finder.
How Your Home Air Conditioning System Works
Overview of the home air conditioning system and how it works.
How to Paint Vinyl Siding
Yes you can paint vinyl siding if you follow specific instructions and use specific paint. This tutorial explains how to paint vinyl siding.
Tankless Water Heaters - What You Need to Know
This tutorial describes tankless water heaters, how they work, different fuel sources and types of tankless hot water heaters, how to size the unit and issues associated with this technology. Page 8.
Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner Troubleshoo...
This tutorial describes how to troubleshoot a window mounted room air conditioner.
Repairing a Leaky Toilet Tank Flush Valve
One of the most common and most frustrating toilet tank problems is the slow leaking of tank water through
Quick and Easy Methods to Clear a Clogged Sink
Sinks often get clogged from any number of possible daily uses (and abuses). This tutorial walks you through the way to get rid of clogs in your sink.
Caulk Like a Pro
Once the caulk is applied, the next step is to smooth the joint. Page 6.
How to Re-charge a Hot Water Boiler Expansion...
This tutorial describes the differences between the two types of hot water boiler expansion tanks (diaphragm and horizontal steel tank) and how to re-charge them with air for proper functioning of the hot water boiler system.
How to Replace a Ceiling Light Fixture
Introduction on how to replace a ceiling light fixture.
Caulk Removal Made Easy
Tips for easy removal of dried latex or silicone caulk from your tub or sink.
Water Softeners - How They Work
Tutorial describes in plain English how water softeners work, the types of softeners and how they eliminate hard water and the differences between using salt and potassium. Page 7.
Adjusting a Toilet Flapper Ball - Flush Valve
Tip on how to stop annoying toilet flushing problems related to the flush valve or toilet flapper ball
How to Shut Off the Natural Gas Supply Valve
How to shut off the main natural gas supply valve in your home.
Wall Anchors - How to Fasten Objects to a Wall
Description of different types of wall fasteners and their use. Page 7.
How to Replace a Toilet
Tutorial describes the steps involved in removing and replacing an existing toilet or water closet including the closet flange and wax ring replacement. Page 6.
Tips for Wiring Electrical Outlets and Switches
This tutorial gives you some great tips for successful connecting and wiring of electrical switches and outlets in your home including 3-way switches and GFCI outlets. Page 3.
Troubleshooting Wet Basement Problems
Wetness in the home basement is a common problem that can be caused by a number of issues, some simple to repair and others are more complicated. This tutorial will describe various basement water problems and describe how to diagnose and fix them. Page 5.
Repairing Textured Walls: Orange Peel
This tutorial will walk you through how to repair a damaged textured wall
Top Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair Tutorials
Furnace repair tips covering standard and high efficiency furnaces and ignition systems such as standing pilot light and electronic ignition.
Vent Pipe for High Efficiency Furnaces - PVC...
Tutorial describes types of plastic high efficiency furnace vent piping (ABS, PVC, CPVC) and types of furnace vent systems such as direct vent (2 pipe) and non-direct vent (1 pipe).
Water Hardness Testing
This tutorial describes a home test to determine if you have hard water.
Nails 101 - Nail Sizes and Types Around the Home
This tutorial describes the most common types of nails you will encounter and describes their use. Described are nail types including cut, common, box, annular ring, masonry, brad, finish, casing, roofing and duplex. An overview of nail sizing and terminology is also provided.
Wood Deck Cleaning and Brightening
Wood decks require maintenance just like any other part of your home. This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary for wood deck inspection and cleaning prior to refinishing.
How to Unclog a Toilet Fixture
This Step By Step guide will walk you through the common household repair of unclogging a toilet fixture. Page 6.
Easy Outside Repairs for a Wet Basement
This tutorial describes various exterior causes of a wet basement or foundation. Not all basement waterproofing is required as a solution to a wet basement. Many times the cause of the problem is right at the corner of your house. Read on to learn how. Page 2.
Water Heater Tutorials
Learn how to repair and maintain a water heater.
Types of Home Piping Materials
Tutorial describes the various types of materials used in home plumbing systems and outlines the most common types of piping materials found in homes of different ages, what they are used for and how to cut and fasten them together.
Replacing a Water Heater Thermocouple or Flame...
This tutorial describes how to easily replace a gas water heater thermocouple having an older style standing pilot or a new style electronic ignition.
How to Drain Your Home's Plumbing System
This tutorial describes an easy process for draining your home's plumbing system. Step by step description on how to drain your home's plumbing water line and then turn everything back on.
How to Drain a Flooded Basement - Pump Out
This tutorial describes what to do if your home's basement is flooded with water from a major storm. Safely cleaning up a flooded basement requires a special procedure so as to avoid structural damage.
Garbage Disposal Repair - Vibration and Noise
This tutorial describes what you can do to fix problems of a noisy or vibrating garbage disposal / disposer unit. Page 4.
Adjusting Different Types of Toilet Ballcocks
Tutorial describes how to adjust different types of toilet fill valves or ballcocks including plunger, diaphragm, floating cup and floatless.
How to Unclog a Tub Drain
This tutorial describes how to repair a clog in a bath tub using a cup plunger and duct tape.
Vinyl Plank Flooring - Allure Resilient Flooring
Describes the vinyl plank resilient flooring system including the product known as TrafficMaster Allure™ as sold by Home Depot.
How to Safely Turn Off Power at the Electrical...
This tutorial describes how to turn off a circuit breaker or fuse controlling all power to the home or to just a branch circuit controlling just one circuit. This knowledge is essential for any electrical home repair projects.
Furnace Pressure Switch
Tutorial describing the function and operation of a furnace pressure switch used on conventional and condensing furnaces.
Top 10 Plumbing Tools
This tutorial shows you the essential top 10 tools / items you'll need for plumbing repairs around the home. Page 6.
How to Tuckpoint Mortar Joints
Maintaining mortar joints in a brick wall is essential to keep water out of the wall and prevent brick failure. Learn how to maintain the mortar joints in a brick wall with a technique called tuckpointing.
How to Prevent an Outside Faucet from Freezing
Describes products and techniques to reduce freezing risk of an outside faucet or sill-cock.
How to Repair an Aluminum Frame Screen Door
Tutorial describes how to easily repair a screen door in an aluminum frame with professional looking results.
Repairing a Compression Washer Faucet
This tutorial will show you how to repair a leaking compression washer faucet.
The Three Way Switch - How It Is Different
Description of the 3 way switch and how it is different from other switches wired differently from other switches
How To Repair a Leaking Ball Faucet
Tutorial describing how to repair a single lever ball faucet such as made by Peerless or Delta and which is commonly found in the kitchen and bath.

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