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Understanding and Repairing Home Heating Systems

Your home can be heated by several types of systems. It may use forced air, electric resistance, hot water baseboard (boiler), radiant, geothermal or others. Let's look at the various types of heating systems and how to identify them..

Troubleshooting Your Home's Heating System
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Repairing Your Water Heater

Friday April 11, 2014

Your water heater is a pretty amazing and reliable appliance. One you rely upon every day. It really has very few parts that can go wrong and most are easy to repair. Of course knowing the various water heater's components and their names are essential. It makes finding and buying replacement parts easier.

In the article How to Repair a Water Heater I'll provide you information on tank type and tankless water heaters, and I'll show you how to troubleshoot and repair your water heater. From replacing a water heater thermocouple to understanding the anatomy of a water heater to sizing a tankless water heater, it's all covered.

Fixin' Old Faithful

Wednesday April 9, 2014

We have to admit that the unsung hero of the plumbing world is the toilet. We take it for granted and don't even think twice about it.

But what do you do when the ol' commode is not cooperating?
Well read Troubleshooting Common Toilet Problems and learn what to do if your toilet is constantly running, leaking, clogged or other annoying habits it learns over time.

You'll learn all about the different types of mechanisms hidden in the toilet tank including the ballcock and flush valve and how to fix your toilet depending on what type you have.

A Little Ladder Safety

Sunday April 6, 2014

OK, time to talk a little ladder safety.

Please do not be this guy!

Whether you are cleaning your gutters, painting a room, painting your house or putting up Christmas lights for the holiday, you'll be depending upon a ladder. But all ladders are not created equal. There are several styles to consider including single section, step-ladder, extension, telescopic and multi-function ladders.

In the tutorial Choosing the Right Type of Ladder I'll share and expand on some recommended considerations involved in selecting the right ladder as suggested by Werner Co, an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ladders and climbing equipment.

In the tutorial you will learn about:

  • Selecting the right ladder type
  • Selecting the right ladder height and reach
  • Selecting the right ladder weight capacity
  • Selecting the right amount of maneuverability
  • Ladder safety.

So please take a moment to read the tutorial and learn how to properly choose your ladder based on the features you want and the duty rating it will be required to meet, and also how to safely use your ladder around the home.

Nothing Shocking: How to Install a New Outlet

Sunday March 30, 2014

Installing an electrical outlet in a newly wired circuit or replacing an old outlet in an existing switch box can be accomplished very easily. But it can just as easily be done very incorrectly.

In the tutorial How to Install an Electrical Outlet or Receptacle I'll show you how to easily do it right.

There are few basic things to know before installing an outlet, for example:

  • Is the circuit rated at 15 amps or 20 amps?
  • Is the outlet properly rated for the circuit?
  • Is the circuit a grounded circuit?

Most convenience power circuits in your home will be 15 amps. If you have a higher rated outlet such as for a microwave or garbage disposal you should have a 20 amp outlet. They are designed differently as you can see in the blog photo (20 amp on left and 15 amp on right). In the tutorial I'll walk you through the steps involved in easily and safely replacing an outlet. So take a read and freshen up / replace those old painted over outlets in your home!

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