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How to Replace a Ceiling Light Fixture


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Remove Existing Ceiling Light Fixture
How to Replace a Ceiling Light Fixture

Removing an old light fixture is generally pretty easy.

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Turn the wall power switch controlling the light fixture to the off position. If there is any chance another person could turn on the switch while you are working (e.g., children or spouse) then turn off the power at the main power panel.

Next, let's see what you have under the old light fixture.

  • Remove the fixture shade. How you do this will depend on the fixture you have. You may have to unscrew little screws holding the shade in place, unclip some clips as shown in the photo, or just unscrew the glass shade from the base.
  • Once the ceiling fixture shade is removed, then remove the fixture base from the ceiling by unscrewing two little bolts that you will see attached to the base, or by removing a knurled knob fastened to a threaded tube in the center of the fixture as shown in the photo.
  • Once the fixture base is removed, disconnect the wiring by unscrewing the wire nuts and remove the fixture base completely.
  • Next, remove the old mounting bracket.

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