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Your Home Fuse Box and How Fuses Work


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Types of Fuses: "Type SL" and "Type TL" (time delay; medium duty)
Time Delay Plug Fuse -

Time Delay Plug Fuse - "SL and TL"

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SL and TL fuses are medium duty time delay fuses and are now the most commonly used plug fuses found in the home. The only difference between the "TL" and the "SL" fuses are the types of bases. The "TL" fuse uses an Edison base and the "SL" fuse uses a Rejection base.

These fuses work by having a plug of heat absorbing solder attached to the center of the fuse element. This allows the fuse to absorb a temporary circuit overload such as may be caused by a surge power draw when a motor starts up (e.g., garbage disposal). This ability to handle overloading starting currents of a motor without unnecessarily interrupting (blowing) is a key benefit of these types of fuses.

Compare Prices Type "TL" and "SL" Fuses

Rating: 120 volts; up to 30 Amps

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