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Poke Through Electrical Floor Outlet


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Introduction to the Poke Through Electrical Floor Outlet
Carlon Poke Through Floor Box E971FBDI

Carlon Poke Through Floor Box E971FBDI

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OK, so you need an outlet for a lamp behind a sofa in the middle of your Great Room. What do you do? Running an electrical cord on the floor covered by duct tape to the wall plug is one answer, but a pretty bad one. Well now there is a great product to answer this problem. It's been used in commercial office construction for market.

The product is a Poke Through Electrical Floor Box and this photo shows a Carlon model E971FBDI. Carlon's product is great because it comes with everything you need for a complete installation.


  • Floor box
  • Brass cover
  • Hole saw to cut the hole in the floor
  • Wired receptacle
  • Two-hole low voltage plate
  • Blank plate
  • Mounting screws
  • Wire nuts.

    Plus not only can you use it for electrical power, but it has adapters for telecommunications such as a phone line or computer network cable.

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