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Shockingly Easy Electrical Repairs


Amazing how much wiring and power a home requires, isn’t it? Well everything starts in your electrical panel and goes out from there. First you need to know the electrical panel works and how it feeds your home’s switches and outlets. These articles will guide you through the shocking truth of how easy it is to understand and repair your home’s electrical systems.
  1. Switches and Outlets
  2. Your Electrical Panel

Switches and Outlets

Once electricity flows from the service panel, it gets used and controlled by your switches and and electrical outlets which in turn are installed in electrical boxes. These tutorials will guide you through what you need to know about installing and upgrading switches and outlets in your home and what type of electrical boxes to use for what purpose.

Your Electrical Panel

All your electrical service flows through the electrical service panel. You may have fuses or circuit breakers but the concept is the same. These tutorials will explain it all in an easy to understand and graphical manner so you can get charged up!

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